Mushroom Barley – Side Dish

Are you all cooking and shopping? If you’re still looking for another side dish this one is wonderful. Now this is comfort food at it’s finest. This is one of those side dishes that works all year round and works with any entrée you may be serving. Give it a try.

Cooking with Candi

cookingwithcandioct7 003this is an old recipe of mine that I’ve played around with and made last night for this evening. it came out delicious. it makes a perfect side dish anytime of the year. not too difficult to make , takes a little playing around but pretty easy . i used Manischewitz egg noodles in a toasted barley shape this time. you can use pearl barley which is available in almost every supermarket out there. i have to say this product worked very well. Not exactly Mushroom and Barley?? but barley shape


1/4 cup butter or margarine

1  3/4 cup Pearl Barley or any kind you can find ( I used Manischewitz egg noodles in a toasted barley shape) it doesn’t have to be toasted it can just be regular barley shape noodles. I love to use this product , it’s usually found in kosher section.

1 lb. fresh mushrooms sliced

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One response to “Mushroom Barley – Side Dish

  1. Happy new year making your barley dish right now Jill Shore and Carole Hundert are coming over for dinner .Making stuffed cabbage for main dish hope it come out grandma like my Grandma kitchen 😉 yum

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