Don’t Let the Apples Go Bad Cake

Here is a perfect apple cake for the holidays and for any time. I originally baked it just because it looked so delicious and I had a bunch of apples about to go bad. Then I realized how perfect it would be for Rosh Hashana. I highly recommend trying this one and it’s really not too difficult at all. No electric mixer, no butter just a tube pan! Enjoy!

Cooking with Candi

Apples are the kind of fruit we eat all year round. They are always in the fridge and if they don’t get eaten, I  feel guilty that they’re just sitting there and going to go bad.  I saw this recipe on Smitten Kitchen and decided since we were leaving for Colorado and I was not ditching perfectly good apples, I would make it and freeze it for when we come back.  (The cake would freeze well…the apples, not so much.) You’ll need a tube pan. You don’t need an electric mixer, so it’s pretty easy on the special equipment. Use those leftover apples–dont’ let them go bad. No butter in this recipe, lots of sugar though.  My house smelled divine.

I also love this recipe for the Jewish Holidays which are just around the corner…..just saying. I’m not ready to start posting for the Holidays yet but this makes a lovely dessert.

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