Another Version of Baked Salami

I cannot quite believe the response to my last post on the baked salami, it truly was off the charts! So happy everyone was so into the Old School recipe. It is  made from 100% beef. I have been told that it is 100% kosher by the way so I stand corrected. The first time I posted this I wasn’t clear on that subject but have been told otherwise.

Same thing as the original Baked Salami (this is already doubled for a large one)


1 cup Apricot Preserves

1/2 cup Honey Mustard

you may want some extra mustard to serve on side! I actually like non- sweet style mustard, more savory for the side, a true deli mustard is the best.

Cook away the same as the first Baked Salami recipe. You might prefer this one. Keep your comments coming and your free subscriptions, I am so happy that I have an audience out there , it’s nice to know that you’re talking to a lot of people!!! Make sure you spray your pan well, because this gets way sticky in the process.

One response to “Another Version of Baked Salami

  1. Hebrew National Salami is absolutely kosher — not kosher style.

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