What I’m cooking tonite and Happy Daylight Savings (Bye Bye Daylight)

I think Sunday night is the best night to stay in , cook dinner and relax. So I went to make the Bowtie Pasta, mushrooms, sausage, and peas. Couldn’t find Turkey Sausage anywhere, not Whole Foods, not Fairway, and I gave up. I bought ground turkey, which just so you know works perfectly well. I season it up a lot more with salt and pepper, and it’s just fine. Have had this problem before and this is what I did.  I like to eat in and be in control of what is going into our meal. We all eat out so much these days, isn’t it nice to just kick back , cook and eat dinner, and know what it is that is going into your body? I think it is. I’m not saying we should all be cooking every night, but once in a while give it a try. Happy Daylight Savings, this day is so long anyway , there’s plenty of time to cook unless you’re running the NYC Marathon then I’ll give you a pass.

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