Thanksgiving Menu

I am going to share my Thanksgiving Menu with you.  It is always my holiday to do, I love doing Thanksgiving and a few years back decided that it will always be my holiday to do. I will be writing all recipes for Thanksgiving as well. I would love to hear from all of you and hopefully get some new inspiration. I am big on traditions, and it’s nice to have your own and continue to do it year after year, it’s something everyone looks forward to as much as they bitch and moan. We go around the table and everyone has to say something they’re thankful for, not everyone wants to do it, but everyone does to keep me happy. It’s good to have traditions but good to be flexible and up for something new as well.  Please feel free to write me and offer up some great recipes or great traditions that you may have. Of course there are certain items on my menu that I absolutely have to serve because my family insists upon it. I always make my own cranberry sauce, and I have a couple of soups , a couple of salads to choose from, but I will share all my recipes. My sister makes the most awesome Chipotle Sweet Potatoes, and of course we always have some with mini marshmallow.  Hope to hear from you on this one. I am going to do a little bit each week, try and get your food shopping in , do your soup, bread, and anything else you can ahead of time and freeze. Hope to hear from you all.


Baked Salami * look for recipe on here (Oldie but Goodie) will post soon

Crudite and Dip fresh cut up veggies and usually a spinach dip( Corinnes is delicious)

Sweet and Spicy Nuts* recipe is already posted on my blog

Baked Brie which I buy at Whole Foods ( it is delicious and super easy , and doesn’t make sense to futz with) and crackers

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