Penzey’s Spices – a trip to the spice market

I cannot believe that this store has been on Long Island for the past 5 years and I missed it, but I did. At Karen Lee’s cooking class the other day they were talking about spices, and they told me all about it. There was a store in the city but it closed. It seems that they do no advertising ( I know this is shocking) and exist right on Route 110 in Huntington in a little strip mall in front of Toys R Us. I had such a wonderful time in there. If you like to cook and you have the time it is such a wonderful place to spend some time in, get inspired and actually find every spice you’ll ever need . If you have a recipe that calls for corn starch you should use arrowroot powder instead, and they have it. Mace, cinnamon from Vietnam which smells like heaven on earth. Fresh delicious spices, some wonderful ideas for salad dressings, Spices from all over the world. I love to use really good vanilla, almond extract, pumpkin spice, whole nutmeg, you get the idea. I suggest a trip to Penzey’s Spices. If you like to cook, I’m sure you’ll love this place. Plus the prices are reasonable, they have all sorts of jars for storage, etc. People who work there were very nice and very helpful as well. It is a company out of Wisconsin, and they have locations all over the country. They have an online site, which I will def. use when I go back to Colorado. I am throwing away all my old spices and starting anew. BTW spices lose their pizazz after about  2 years, they don’t have a strong flavor, so look through your drawer and toss anything there for too long. Bay Leaves, crushed red pepper, black pepper, mustard powder, white pepper, sea salt,  cardoman, curry, etc. I highly recommend this place as you can tell.

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