Clams and Spaghetti–White Sauce


Riley skiing on Ajax Mountain . First time on Ajax!!!!! he’s only 7.


Picture Riley took of me preparing salad.

IMG_6334 (2)

The three of us skiing on Aspen Mountain in Gondola.


Turoff Family Skiing on Snowmass. Xmas Vacation.

IMG_6286IMG_6287 (2)IMG_6283 (2)This was the first time I ever made clams in the house. I have cooked them on the grill but never in a pot on the stove. I guess I was always a little nervous about it and for no apparent reason . I was looking through Jessica Seinfeld’s “The Can’t Cookbook” even though I totally can cook and saw this recipe and she made it look so simple I figured it was the right time to get over my “stage fright”. I made it for my Daughter and her family and two of our Best Friends in the world who really qualify as Family.  Our Son in Law Brian is a world-famous eater and a true pleasure to cook for so I decided to break my cardinal rule of never ever cooking something new for guests since these guests were really all family anyway. I wanted to hear their opinions but was still a little nervous. I served alongside a beautiful Tenderloin Roast which was my backup anyway. It all turned out so well and I was more than pleased and delighted that I went out of the box .  I still contend that it’s never a good idea to try out new recipes for dinner guests but everyone here was family and after all what is family for if not to try out your recipes? Of course it goes without saying that Joel won’t eat clams so once again it’s his loss and our gain. He did love the Tenderloin Roast and ate a little of the pasta. Give this one a try it is truly delicious . I bought my clams at Whole Foods and I did clean them but they really were super clean and yummy. I bought them a day ahead and kept them in the fridge. If possible I would probably purchase the day of but Joel told me there was nothing to worry over and so I didn’t. Enjoy! this is Jessica Seinfeld’s site or you can just buy the book “The Can’t Cookbook”.


2 dozen littleneck clams

3 cloves garlic

app. 1/4 cup chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley

1 cup dry white wine, such as Sauvignon blanc. I actually used what I had open which was a Pinot Grigio

1 box spaghetti, you can use any kind of spaghetti you like. I actually had bucatini style in the house so that’s what I used

3 Tbsp. Olive Oil

*if you’d like a little heat and you should know your audience because mine didn’t so I put on table for those who wanted to add heat. If you are adding add app. 1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper

Kosher Salt , to taste. I have to say I added almost no extra salt at all.

You’ll need a large deep pot to cook clams in. I used my Le Creuset Pot.


I placed my clams in a colander and I put the colander in a larger bowl in the sink and I filled the bowl with cold water. I let the clams soak for a few minutes, then rubbed with my fingers to dislodge any dirt; then drained the clams. Throw away any clams that remain open or were smashed. ( my clams were pretty clean) I purchased them clean from Whole Foods. Any Fish Store will clean them for you, but always run them through this process to remove any residual sand, etc.

Smash the garlic and chop it . Chop the Parsley. Measure the Wine. Place all your ingredients near to the stove.

Cook Pasta according to directions on box.

Place a large pot on the stove and turn the heat to medium. Pour in 2 Tbsp. of Olive Oil until it heats up and shimmers ( a few minutes) Add chopped garlic to the pot, and cook , stirring , for at least a minute, until you can actually smell the garlic breaking down. Don’t Burn!!!! Now add the wine and the clams and cover the pot with a tight-fitting lid and you’ll want a fairly high flame, probably medium-high . Cook clams until they open, I probably cooked for about 10 – 12 minutes. Looked so beautiful! Add the parsley and the red pepper now if you’re using. Throw away any unopened clams, they are no good.

Once pasta is al dente and drained I transferred to a large serving bowl and added 1 Tbsp. of Olive Oil to pasta, top with clams. Sprinkle if you’d like a tiny bit of coarse salt now if you feel it needs it. I did not need to add any additional salt or pepper. Adjust to your taste.

Amazing!!!! and did I mention Super Easy!!!!!

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