Michele’s Ramen Noodle Salad – Perfect Summer Salad

This is an amazing Summer Salad given to me by my friend Michele. I originally posted it last summer and am re-posting for all of you who may have missed it. This one is worth looking into . I have other Ramon Noodle Salads on my blog that are vegetarian this one is not. Enjoy!

Cooking with Candi

photoI have already posted my version of a Napa Noodle Salad, which we all love and totally enjoy all summer long. Here is a new spin on it. We went to our friend’s house for dinner and Michele served this delicious noodle salad with just a little bit of a difference from mine but different and delicious enough that it’s worth the post for sure. So whether you love the other one or never even tried it this one is definitely worthy and will be a part of my Summer Salad Repertoire.  Michele is a wonderful entertainer and she did an amazing job that night and my parting gift was this recipe. Thanks again Michele! And by the way Joel loved it, and it contains Broccoli Slaw!!!! this was a major shock for sure. Maybe the tide is turning? This is not vegetarian but my Napa Noodle Salad is so just substitute…

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