A Real Deal Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberries are so delicious now that you must bake something with them even if you freeze it for another time. The other day I posted a Blackberry Cobbler and here is a Blueberry Cobbler. They are both wonderful and worthwhile. Original post was Sept’12. This is a definite winner and will impress your guests. Enjoy the holiday weekend. Happy Memorial Day.

Cooking with Candi

Last summer I posted a few things to do with blueberries. I recently found this recipe and realized it was a combination of 2 separate recipes–one for the blueberry filling and one for biscuits. When combined, this is a true cobbler and not a crisp. Yum! The thing of it is that you really don’t want this hanging around in the fridge for too long, because it is that
good. You will keep eating it and I promise you that. So make it for company and at least six people so you have a teensy bit left over. Use the fresh blueberries which are in abundance now. It’s almost a must to serve this with vanilla ice cream, as it complements it so well! If you’d like, you can make this a day ahead for sure, I’ve even frozen it. It comes out perfectly. Now is the time to try…

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