Easy Peasy Chicken Caprese

This is such an awesome recipe for the summer. It is a re-blog from Sept. ’12 . I make it all summer time now. Light and Delicious, easy peasy for sure. I made it last night and as you can tell from photo of the platters it was all eaten , not a piece left. Can’t think of a better recommendation than that. Enjoy and Happy Memorial Day !

Cooking with Candi

This is one of those recipes that I make that is so super easy. Very few ingredients and other than cutting tomatoes and mozzarella balls, there is very little prep. You gotta love meals like this, especially in the summer when these beautiful heirloom tomatoes are abundant. I really only make this in the summer and it is light and delicious. It makes for a beautiful salad as well and you can serve it at room temperature. I made this tonite since I was tired, and had already bought the bocconcini (mozzarella balls) and chicken. I picked up the heirloom tomatoes today at our new beautiful Whole Foods here in El Jebel. Yeah, welcome  Whole Foods to our hood. You’re not going to believe how easy this is.


1 container marinated bocconcini ( mozzarella balls) you will need the oil from the container to marinate chicken ( it comes in an…

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