Mother’s Day Brunch ’13 – Veggie Frittata

I posted this Veggie Frittata last year for my Mother’s Day Brunch and if you’re still looking for a wonderful addition to your breakfast/lunch/brunch menu this could be it. It’s wonderful, a bit of prep work but well worth it. I served it right in the pan on the table and it was a big hit. Enjoy! and by the way it’s good anytime of the year for any occasion. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there from my kitchen to yours.

Cooking with Candi

I love doing a brunch for Mother’s Day. I enjoy seeing my family sitting around my table with all their beautiful faces enjoying a meal. Food definitely ties us all together and makes for such enduring memories. My mom and dad will be there, as well as my sister, and my kids and grandkids, and my son-in-law’s mother. Joel’s mom is in Florida so we won’t be able to see her on Sunday, but our love and gratitude go out to her on this special day, as always. Mother’s Day is a day to think about your Mom , Grandmom, ,Stepmom,  all moms. I know it’s a Hallmark holiday but it’s really a great way to stop and smell the roses, don’t you think? So here’s a shout out to all the moms out there who do so very much every single day of the year! Happy Happy Mother’s Day from my…

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One response to “Mother’s Day Brunch ’13 – Veggie Frittata

  1. Patty O. Patterson

    Congrats on your blog, so many readers, amazing. What a great pic, happy mothers day. hope to see you soon

    Patty O. Patterson

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