Happy Anniversary CWC–#3

Beautiful Daffodils, Tulips and Asparagus abound. Spring is here, time to put on the sunnies, light clothes and enjoy the warm weather. It’s also the third photo 3photo (9)photo 4 (2)Misc. dinners and New Years Eve 067Anniversary of Cooking with Candi ! It’s hard for me to believe it’s been three years since it’s inception . I have achieved so many of my objectives and am so happy with the direction of my blog. I have surpassed my own expectations by so very much. I remember thinking that no one would be interested and who would be my audience etc. It seems that I have found my voice on here and have made so many new friends from all over the world.
When I broke 100,000 views I was so very happy, it gave me such a sense of satisfaction and pride.  It’s hard to imagine  people in Vietnam,  Australia, Israel, Brazil and all over the world  reading my recipes.  Whether it be  search engines or just coincidence that they stumble upon my blog , the final results are great.

A very special thanks to all of my followers and subscribers who have been with me from the beginning and to all my new readers who have all helped to get the word out there.  My expectations for this blog have been totally surpassed and I am so very happy with the direction it has taken.

Continue putting the good word out there and getting my “little” blog out into the big world which seems to be getting smaller and smaller everyday.

From my kitchen to yours with love. Keep Cooking with Candi !

13 responses to “Happy Anniversary CWC–#3

  1. Happy Anniversary to my favorite website! And blogger! The blog is amazing- just like you! So proud of you. Xoxo

  2. Katha Rossein

    Many congrats on this remarkable blog. We enjoyed making one of your shrimp dishes while we were in Mexico and it was delicious! Miss you,Katha and Ron

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  3. It’s been a real treat to get your blog. My only one I might add that I follow often. I’m in Florida 1 more month and our Greenarket inspires me along with you. Thxs Hope to see you in the mountains🐊🌴

  4. Wow. Now 3 years of inspirational recipes. Congratulations.
    Love Susan

  5. Ellen Yarrell

    Congratulations ! Very successful – I have tried quite a few recipes ! Thank you hi to Joel –

  6. Your posts have been my favorite thing to open in my email for three years! You are the best, and your wit and warmth bring a big smile to your readers along with your delicious recipes. Lots of love

  7. Melissa Spitalnick

    Thanks fir sharing your many great Ideas and recipes..


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