Kick Ass Meatloaf

Re-blog Monday and here is the recipe for Kick-Ass Meatloaf. It was originally posted January ’13, one year ago. This is a wonderful meatloaf all year round but especially on these cold dark winter nights. Enjoy! if you would like a regular “lighter” meatloaf look for recipe for my turkey meat loaf in the search box. Enjoy! and stay warm.

Cooking with Candi

More Winter Colorado 001No kidding around this is very spicy even for me.  I figured how spicy can this be?? Well very.  It was even better cold the next day.  In any event for those of you who really love spicy and love Sriracha this one’s for you.   I did make a few changes to original recipe and if I were you I’d cut the Sriracha sauce in 1/2 and you can always add it when you eat it if you’re not sure you’ll like it that spicy.  I love this Sriracha sauce, and it’s awesome on eggs and just about everything in between, so I was super excited to cook something with it.  It was also very different for me because I have never cooked meatloaf in a loaf pan, I will say it took longer than 60 minutes to cook through the center .  Check middle after 60 minutes, and I added a good 10…

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