Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (very easy)

Original post of this recipe was a year ago. It is one of my most favorite banana cakes mostly because of the frosting. What could be bad with cream cheese frosting on top of it? The cake is very moist and the orange zest gives it great flavor. If you have a few over ripe bananas lying around check out this cake. Nothing is easier than a sheet cake to make, almost fool proof. Check it out and Enjoy!

Cooking with Candi

I love Banana Cake and since I always seem to have rotting bananas in the house it’s the perfect thing to make. I have tried so many recipes over the years and have posted mostly loaf style banana breads. I decided to make this one a sheet cake in a 9×13 Pyrex and I also decided to frost it with a delicious cream cheese frosting! I think this is a super easy cake to bake, perfect for beginner bakers. The orange zest gives it a distinct flavoring, it met with raves in my house tonite. Making it in the sheet cake style takes out the room for error. A 9 inch round cake would be perfect as well and you can frost just the top or sides and top. Just follow the same directions. I baked cake in the afternoon and frosted it that night for the next day. I kept it…

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