Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery – One of my Top Ten Desserts that you don’t even bake

Here it is on a re-blog one of my most favorite desserts. If you’re wanting to make something truly decadent and delicious. This is it! Fabulous for the holidays when calorie counting goes out the window . This is from Magnolia Bakery’s Cookbook and a big recommend goes with it. Sign on to my blog and read more . Enjoy this at least once a year.y

Cooking with Candi

Completely decadent and totally ridiculous in calories and richness, and I love it. It’s so very delicious. My daughter Jennifer has made this dessert numerous times over the last few years. It is actually a subtle taste of bananas, but I wouldn’t make this if I didn’t like bananas. I happen to just adore bananas and I absolutely love love this pudding. I cannot have it in the house because I will continually find an excuse to go into the fridge and eat it till it’s pretty much all gone. Jenn made it for dessert on Thanksgiving, it was one of 3 majorly desserts and it is really over the top. As full as I was and swearing I wasn’t going to eat another thing for at least a week, when I saw this  pudding I knew I was going to eat it.  She left the uneaten portion of it in my house and I couldn’t…

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