White Bean Soup

This is my Monday morning re-blog from March ’12. It’s a delicious heart warming soup . Perfect soup to make any night of the week. I love soup meals served with salad and a crusty bread. Read the recipe through it really couldn’t be easier. I am on vacation now so I will be posting several re-blogs this week. I’ll be back soon with some new and exciting recipes. Enjoy this! It’s really easy to make.

Cooking with Candi

Beautiful, hearty, soup–rustic in flavor and perfect to take the chill out of a winter day or night. I love soup as a meal. Just mix with salad and crusty bread and you’re good to go; it’s so satisfying. If you’re looking for a vegetarian meal, take out pancetta. If you don’t care, leave it in because it adds a real bite to the soup. Of course, by now you have an immersion blender but if you still haven’t gotten one, you’ll use the blender.

I always suggest the Le Creuset dutch oven because it is the best pot for preparing winter favorites such as soup and stews, and it’s the best pot I’ve ever found for braising meats. I have one in Colorado and one in New York and wouldn’t dream of cooking without it. The Le Creuset distributes the heat slowly and evenly, ensuring picture perfect results almost every time…

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