Fettucine with Sausage and Kale

Original Post on this pasta was April ’13. Right after Passover, so looking for a wonderful recipe for right after Rosh Hashana and came upon this. Ready to start a new year and start cooking again. It’s really September already and we’re back to school, back to work and back in the routine. This is simple, hearty and delicious, and very easy to prepare. Enjoy this re-blog Monday Recipe.

Cooking with Candi

photophotophoto (4)photo (3)I made this for dinner before we left Colorado and was so crazy busy with Passover and Passover recipes, I had no time to post it. Now that the holidays are over I am back with some wonderful new recipes for Springtime.  High recommendation for this delicious pasta dish, what a perfect springtime anytime dish.  It was so very tasty, and easy to prepare.  If you like sausage and you like kale, and who doesn’t like fettucine? Joel managed to pick out every last piece of kale, but I don’t mind because he put it all on my plate. I used baby kale which is just perfect and if you can get turkey sausage it will be that much healthier. It is light, only 3 tablespoons of olive oil, a little chicken broth and Pecorino Romano and you’re finished. Very quick meal, very few ingredients, and it is restaurant worthy for sure…

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  1. I just nominated you for the Oh So Fabulous Award:-) Go to my page for detail on how you can accept. I love following along your blog:-)

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