Summer Sangria on the Light Side

My niece just told me that she is making this for Cinco de Mayo! and I said wow I should reblog that today .Perfection and so easy and lower in calories than regular Sangria which is usually loaded with sugar. If you’re looking for a Sangria on the light side here you go. Enjoy and have a fun Cinco de Mayo! or just make the Sangria any old time.

Cooking with Candi

This is a light cool drink for when the weather turns warm. Sangria and Summer!  Perfect to make for a large crowd, easy as could be and light because it’s made with sugar free Lemonade . I remember making Sangria and it was messy and required a lot of different ingredients plus a lot of sugar. My friend Carol has been making this for years and I have called upon her many times to re-create this Sangria. It can be made with white or red wine. It makes 2 quarts without ice, so that goes a long way . You can cut up whatever fruit you like , peaches are beautiful , oranges, apples, pears, strawberries whatever you like. I like to make the Sangria in the afternoon just so the fruit gets the full  flavor of the wine and marinates for at least a few hours. It’s not critical though. I think you’ll like this one. Again, thanks Carol so much…

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2 responses to “Summer Sangria on the Light Side

  1. perfect for cinco de drinko 🙂 xoxoxo, julie

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