Happy Anniversary CWC – #2

frametastic (2)Two years ago I started writing this cooking blog for the benefit of not only getting all of my recipes in one place but also sharing them with my daughters, friends and family. I never really believed that it would develop its own little audience and its own little life. I am so happy with the way this blog has evolved. I have made new connections from all over the world which is really amazing. Some mornings I wake up and see that people in Africa, India, Australia and Europe have been reading my blog! I have also connected with the bloggers’ community and I love the feedback I get from everyone from first time cooks to chefs. I especially love the way some of you send me new recipes that I have now added to my repertoire. It’s just been a very happy and satisfying experience, and one that I am so glad I started. You’re never too old to start something new. I just hope I can continue to keep the momentum going and keep you all reading and engaged. Thanks for being my audience and my friends, old and new. Please keep your feedback and recipes coming, it means the world to me. Thanks also for subscribing and encouraging your friends to subscribe. I am looking forward to Year 3 with new recipes plus oldies but goodies. It really is all good!

12 responses to “Happy Anniversary CWC – #2

  1. Marciagirl765

    Congrats Candi,

    Vanessa and I just love your Cooking with Candi. She Likes to cook and I like to eat. Perfect. The recipes are the best!!!!

  2. Michelle krouner

    I so look forward to your new posts. Keep on doing such a fabulous job!!!

  3. Wow Candi, 3 years??? I have been following your recipes for a long time. (can’t be sure for how long exactly) Even though I am a vegan and can’t utilize most of your recipes “as written”, they have been the inspiration for many successful remakes.
    Just the same, it is a special talent to remain consistent. I ADMIRE your ability to keep your blog fresh, fun and add that “personal” touch. Your Holiday recipes are especially wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS on such a successful run, Happy Anniversary, and I look forward to reading your future posts!!!

  4. Susan Drazin

    Happy Anniversary. Can’t believe 2 years of such wonderful food. Love Susan

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Love opening my mail to a new gift every day

  6. candi u r as sweet and delectable as your recipes
    thank you for sharing

  7. of course, congrts. and thanks so much. It’s been great to wake up to new ideas everyday. Be well and see you soon.Ron.

  8. Debra Winston

    My neighbor, my friend, my inspiration! I make so many of your suggestions; this afternoon I am halving the Chicken Marbella for a small dinner party tomorrow nite. Get that chicken marinating! And thanks for all of the great veggie suggestions (like the pumpkin lasagna, to which I added toasted pinions) You make me a better cook just for reading your blog. Amazing to know how much there is to know about cooking – like room temp. eggs! Who knew? Thanks for sharing your passion for good sensible recipes. Write on!

  9. I can’t believe that it has been two years! Your posts brighten my days. Thank you for sharing your recipes, and yourself with all of us.
    Love, Jean

  10. Patty O. Patterson

    Congrats. i have made so many of your rec. and love all that I have made. see you soon.

    Patty O. Patterson

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