Passover ’13 – Quick Look

DSCN2781DSCN2642DSCN2640I have tried to blog and re-blog my Passover menu for the past week. Here is a list of Recipes that I have on my blog, that you can create for your family and friends. If you subscribe to you can put any of these titles into the search box or you can put in Passover Recipes, Passover, etc. or just the title of any of these recipes. Enjoy your holiday and enjoy your cooking! Any problems or questions , please don’t hesitate to write to me in the comments section of blog, or email me to I would love to hear from you! Happy Cooking.

Homemade Chicken Soup with not so homemade matzo balls

Grandma Regina’s Farfel

Honey Roasted Chicken

Karyn’s Cranberry Apple Crisp for Passover

Chicken Marbella


Sweet Matzoh Pudding

Spinach Souffle for Passover

Peach Farfel

Old School Meatballs

Happy New Year Brisket

Cathy’s Popovers

Julie’s Brownies for Passover

Meringue Cookies


Matzoh Brei

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