am on my way into the kitchen right now to cook this, saw that I never reblogged it and wanted to share the best turkey meatloaf recipe with all of you.Enjoy!

Cooking with Candi

Fully Cooked turkey loaf
ready for the oven turkey meatloaf with ketchup/brown sugar topping

 It’s Sunday our kids are still out here and I am in the mood for turkey meatloaf . We haven’t had turkey meat loaf in a very long time and it is a perfect crowd pleaser for the family table.

The first time I made this was in Aspen with my friend Susan many moons ago. We found the recipe from Barefoot Contessa and it was back in the day I wasn’t living out there yet and before my blog was born. We collaborated on it, and Joel and Drew liked it so much they used to tell us to open a shop with turkey lasagna and turkey meat loaf (uh uh, not happening) In any event , it has long become a staple in both of our households and even Drew makes it now. I hope you enjoy it…

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  1. Hi Candi. Made your kick-ass meatloaf 3x and absolutely love it! For me, the spicier the better. Actually added more siracha . The friends I cooked for loved it too. This also sounds good. I’ll have to give it a try. Can you mix the turkey with ground chuck? Thanks and enjoy!!!

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