I am starting to post my Passover Recipes, any questions feel free to contact me right on this blog and I will be happy to get back to you. This is a hands down winner, very easy to make and a real crowd pleaser and once you’ve made it you always will. Enjoy!

Cooking with Candi

I believe my friend Audrey gave this recipe to me originally. It has been a winner ever since. Actually, this year, I had thought I had it scanned into my computer (under Passover Recipes) and I couldn’t find it. Lucky for me, I know my friend Carol always makes it and her family loves it, so here it is. Recipes are like that–they tend to spread out to a wide group of people, so they usually don’t get lost. Sort of the reasoning behind this website as I now will have all my recipes under one tidy little roof! Enjoy this one; it is sweet and makes for a delicious side dish with poultry or beef. This has always been a crowd pleaser. I know, the amount of eggs is obscene on this holiday! This one has 7 eggs in it!!!!!


1 box matzoh farfel (I think it’s in a canister…

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