Post Sandy – Thanksgiving menu

I am sitting here on November 2 gratefully having my coffee in my own living room with electricity, after living without electric for 2 1/2 days.  I am one of the lucky ones for sure. My daughter and her family are still asleep in my apartment.  They have no power and live in NJ and had to come stay with us on Long Island.  It is great having everyone and it’s times like these we have to all stick together. We are still the fortunate ones, we are all OK.  Our other daughter has no power either but she is OK —  all OK.  Our whole family is OK. Faring the best we can but OK. When I looked at my blog from last year I saw that I started writing about Thanksgiving on November 2.  It’s still early and my hope is that many people all over affected by Sandy will be a lot better off very soon.  Thanksgiving will bring us all together.  I will start to post and re post recipes for Thanksgiving and hopefully everyone will have their power back soon and start cooking again and start healing from this experience.

6 responses to “Post Sandy – Thanksgiving menu

  1. Glad you and family are o.k. Xx Faye

  2. Your cooking must be a comfort to you and your family our prayer are with you here in Aspen happy holidays keep your posts a coming loved the tomatoe soup gobble gobble

  3. Back here in. Colorado, we are grateful that you are well. We are praying for our friends in New York. Take care we are all praying for you. We are ready to help any way we can! God bless you are not alone! Becky Johnson

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