Rosh Hashana Menu

My menu could change at any moment, but I will give you a listing of recipes that I posted last year and a few new ones. I will write the titles of the recipes and all you have to do is put that into the search box on my blog or Holiday Recipes should work.  I am going to post a few new recipes , and I will reblog some of the old ones as well. In the event that you’re planning your menu and starting to shop for the holiday, here is a list of some oldies but goodies that may work out well for you. Remember to look for the new recipes as well, I will be posting them throughout this week.  If you haven’t done so, please subscribe so you get my emails as I post them. ( It’s free and fun)

Happy New Year Brisket, Chicken Marbella, Applesauce and Raisin Cake, Don’t let the Apples go Bad Cake, Mushroom Barley, Grandma Millie’s Cauliflower, Another Noodle Pudding from Marcy ( Parve), Noodle Pudding with Apricot Nectar, Homemade Chicken soup with Not-so-homemade Matzo Balls, Happy New Year Brisket and Happy New Year Chicken.

*if you type in Holiday/ Holiday Recipes you should also be able to find the recipes . Most are categorized, in fact almost all of them are.

One response to “Rosh Hashana Menu

  1. Cant wait to try ur brisket Harry and Jill maybe coming

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