My Youngest Fan

This is just a very cute story. My sister-in-law called me the other day to tell me that I had a very young fan. Assuming it was one of her boys, I asked what she  meant.  It seems that my nephew RJ who is only 9 was very into my Thanksgiving Corn Bread Pudding and wanted to know how to make it himself or get his Mom to make it for him. He overheard her telling her friend about my blog and he went home, googled me, found the site, found the recipe and wrote out all the ingredients and handed them to her to buy for him so he could make the recipe! So psyched, so cute, so happy! I love that my nephew loves my cooking, and I love that he loved it so much he went to the effort of researching it on the web. Thanks to RJ, my youngest fan and my youngest nephew!

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