Learning Something New at any Age (Part Two)

me and Chef Nick

baking a pumpkin challah at Marcy’s house

While back in New York this Fall I made a real effort to take some cooking classes at both ICE:Institute for Culinary Education and at Karen Lee’s cooking classes on the Upper West Side. I also spent the day learning how to bake a challah at my friend, Marcy’s, house.  While very different , I had a wonderful experience with all.  Back to you are never too old to learn something new. Who made up that expression, “you can never teach an old dog new tricks?” anyway? Well, let me tell you this, this lady learned new tricks. I highly recommend trying new things–whether it be a movie class, theatre, photography, knitting, anything that interests you. I don’t wait for a friend, I just do it. If anyone wants to join me they’re more than welcome, but I set out to do it alone because I want to do it. Sometimes it’s hard to organize more than just yourself. That being said, it’s also a lot of fun when you have friends to join, like my challah baking with Marcy. You may surprise yourself, meet a few new people, and learn something new at the same time. At least one new thing!

One response to “Learning Something New at any Age (Part Two)

  1. You go for it Candi…do it for us all…

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