Thanksgiving is Over

Immersion Blender in Butternut Squash Soup

not a great shot, but the best I could get!

me and my challah and pumpkin walnut bread and looking exhausted

Yes, Thanksgiving is over. For all of us who cooked, shopped, cleaned, etc. it is with a sigh of relief. It is truly my most favorite of all the holidays, and so I insist on doing it year after year. I love to see everybody around my table, and am forever thankful for all of them. Some new faces, and also the same “old” faces. It seemed like between the blog and the actual shopping , cooking, and list making I was obsessed with it. Now that it’s actually over , I have some real free time on my hands once again. I doubt I will cook a thing for a few days, literally “cooked out”.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Whether you cooked the whole thing or 1 thing . I am thankful for all the help I received cooking this holiday, as always to Pamela, Susan , Karyn, Kerri, and my Mom. Thanks so much. And Norma and Allison I couldn’t do it without you! Am grateful to my family for being here and enjoying it along with me.

6 responses to “Thanksgiving is Over

  1. My Thanksgiving was the best thanks to you and your wonderful recipes.
    The pumpkin bread, corn pudding and the cranberry crisp were outstanding! It is always great to add new recipes to your old ones. Being a cook I can appreciate all the hard work! I am grateful for having you as a friend and being part of the cooking blog. I am addicted!!!

  2. You’re a STAR*** you did an amazing job! It was wonderdful being at your beautifully set table, done w/ so much effort and love…you are an inspiration to us all! I love you in your “chef jacket”! Very fitting for you! I feel like someone else would feel inviting Martha Stewart to their house! I couldn’t possibly live up to your every detail, and delectable meal! It was a wonderful time had by all! A lot of inside jokes were cute! (Wink). Love you Cand…you made a very wonderful gathering, and we were all Thankful for You and Joels hospitality!

  3. Loved all your recipes and little tidbits about everyday life. This is a wonderful blog and please keep up the good work.
    Marilyn Goldman

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