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Yummy Pesto (super easy)


Yummy Pasta Pesto Prep

I have to give credit to my BFF Suki for this one. It is her recipe that I use. It is awesome and delish. Easy easy go-to for spring/ summer meals, although I’ve been known to make it anytime I see fresh basil.

Yummy PASTA Pesto

2 cups fresh basil

1/2 cup romano cheese (grated)

1/2 cup parmesan cheese (grated)

1/2 cup pignolli nuts or use walnuts

1 cup extra virgin olive oil (use a good one)

1 – 3 tablespoons butter (hafta admit I use all 3; sometimes 2)

4 cloves garlic

freshly ground pepper

1 lb. Gemelli Pasta Noodles

Put all ingredients (except the pasta, of course!) into Cuisinart food processor ’til smooth.

I use gemelli pasta or any noodle that will let pesto hold on.

Cook pasta according to directions, and add pesto. Add a little at a time ’til you get the pasta looking (and tasting!) the way you like it. This recipe probably yields a bit more pesto than you’ll need, depending on how you like it. Unfortunately, pesto doesn’t last more than a day or so in the fridge without going an ugly brown. So make it and enjoy! It’s creamy and yummy. 

Can keep in the fridge, and again let it sit out before serving. It’s best at room temp.