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Delish Bolognese (re-visited)

Bolognese Sauce
Onions, Celery, Carrots, and Garlic chopped up for Bolognese

Today was a very un Colorado like day for the summer, overcast all day and drizzly and rainy. I decided not to grill, although the sun has decided to make an appearance at 6 pm. Usually it will rain and then clear up and be super beautiful. I guess today was a day for the flowers, and grass. In any event, I decided to make Joel very happy and make my Bolognese Sauce.  As you can tell I have posted photos, didn’t use my Le Creuset b/c it was in use. I used my large All Clad Frying Pan . I decided to use Orecchiette Pasta b/c I actually had an 8 oz. package and will freeze the remaining sauce. (Orecchiette looks like little hats) I served Bolognese with Caesar Salad. Both recipes are already on blog. Very delicious, very rich, very filling. A little goes a long way. And I have another meal in freezer! Look under the pasta category on my blog to find full recipe. And Caesar Salad Dressing under Salad Dressing Category.