Rosh Hashana 2022

You know that summer is officially over when it’s time to prep for the Jewish Holidays. At least in my house anyway. Time to wind it down and ready myself. The first night of Rosh Hashana is Sunday, September 25 this year and since summer is technically over on June 21 it’s very close to the beginning of Fall which is sort of nice and a nice way to jump start the Fall Season.

It’s still technically summer and hard to wrap your head around it but before you know it it will be here. I know it’s always too early or too late but this year is what we call “late”.

Once again I will write up a list of recipes for you to check out and one by one I will try and post as many as I can for you.

Enjoy your families and have a Happy Healthy New Year from our house to yours. Remember if you have any questions get in touch either through this website or my instagram or facebook — DM me and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. I will also be posting Rosh Hashana recipes on Cooking with Candi. Check out my instagram for daily posts. I may try and add a few new recipes here but for now this is the tried and true “oldies but goodies” version.

I am on Instagram as Cookingwithcandi and FB — I try and respond promptly . Also you can just ask questions in the comment section of my blog.

Shanah Tovah


Un- stuffed Cabbage — I highly recommend this delicious main dish — pretty simple to make and beats trying to make stuffed cabbage but tastes just as good.

Happy New Year Brisket— Brisket is always a winner and this one never fails

Chicken Marbella— probably one of my most favorite Chicken Holiday Dishes

Honey Roasted Chicken— equally delicious and a little different flavor

Old School Meatballs— yummy Sweet and Sour meatballs sure to please whole family

A Noodle Pudding from Ellen-– another delicious kugel from an old friend and great cook

Another Noodle Pudding from Marcy — this one’s excellent if you’re looking for a kosher non-dairy kugel

Noodle Pudding with Apricot Nectar— probably one of the best kugels of all time

Noodle Pudding from Julie— delicious as well

Mushroom Barley-– check out this delicious side dish — everyone loves this all year round

Kasha Varnishkes— a crowd favorite and an old school recipe — perfect comfort food

Julie’s Honey Cake— another winner from a great cook

Grandma Sally’s Mandel Bread-– also from a friend and a wonderful recip

Applesauce and Raisin Cake — sweet and delicious as your new year should be

Don’t let the Apples go Bad Cake-– simple and delicious perfect for the Jewish New Year

13 responses to “Rosh Hashana 2022

  1. Can you send me your brisket recipe.want to try something different.

  2. The recipes are lovely, how do you get them, I’ve clicked everywhere but nothing.

  3. Thanks Sometimes I can’t open recipes but I’ll try again

  4. Lovely recipes. Happy, healthy, and sweet year to you and yours!

  5. You had me at Noodle Pudding … and apricot … It’s a sweet year already! Shana Tova!

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