Passover 2022

Passover starts on Friday , April 15th and ends on Saturday April 23 this year. So I guess it’s about that time that we should start thinking about what we’re going to make for the Seders. Every year people ask me about freezing some of my recipes. I can’t really speak to freezing everything because I haven’t done so. I will try and note recipes that I’ve frozen and add to recipes. Everyone asks me about freezing the Peach Farfel and while I haven’t I know some of you have , I don’t see why you can’t freeze it. I would only cook it 1/2 way through and when it cools down and is more solid I would wrap it well and freeze. I would wrap with plastic and aluminum. If you have an extra freezer and can keep it in the baking dish even better.

I will start to post the tried and true recipes that mean so much to me and my family and I know have become a part of your Passover traditions. If you have a great Passover recipe please email to me I would love to check it out.

Happy Cooking from my kitchen to yours.

Happy Passover.

2 responses to “Passover 2022

  1. xraytek415gmailcom

    I’m also making the one with the apples and pecans. Do you recommend the 12 sheets of matzoh or can you use matzoh farfel. Lyn Lebowitz

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