Passover 2021

Things seem to be moving in a good direction with vaccines on the horizon and so many of us already vaccinated. This Passover may be a little smaller than in the past but at least for some of us we can be together with family and friends. Keeping it smaller of course is fine for now.

As always I will start posting my Passover recipes. I may sneak in a new one if I can make it in time .

I have been posting these recipes since 2011 and I try and compile a list of all the recipes. If you’re a subscriber you can just put Passover into the search bar on my site and most of the recipes will come up. If you’re searching for a particular recipe i.e. My Favorite Macaroons that recipe will come up if you put it in the search bar. If you’re having difficulty you can always google the recipe title along with cooking with candi and it should come up this way. If you still can’t find it email me in comments with any questions or comments I would love to hear from all of you.

These are my tried and true recipes which have been in my family now for quite some time. The first night of Passover is March 27 and I will be posting some of these recipes over the next week.

Have a very Happy Holiday from our house to yours.

Here is my list of tried and true:

Passover Recipes

Homemade Chicken Soup with not so Homemade Matzoh Balls

Passover Popovers

Traditional Ashkenazi Charoset

Slow Cooked Brisket

Happy New Year Brisket-– perfect for any holiday any time of the year–perfect for any holiday any time of the year

Un- Stuffed Cabbage–Probably one of my personal favorites in place of Sweet and Sour Meatballs and also frees up the oven because this is made on stove-top

Grandma Regina’s Farfel–My Grandma Regina lives on in this recipe and is always on our Seder Table– it’s a little difficult to make but totally delicious if you get it right

Honey Roasted Chicken

Chicken Marbella

Old School Meatballs

Apricot Honey Mustard Chicken

Peach Farfel — a must just ask anyone who’s ever made it

Bree’s Slow Cooked Steaks— I sometimes make this in place of brisket– I use the slow cooker so it frees up my oven

Karyn’s Cranberry Apple Crisp for Passover--a must have for every table you can even serve it as dessert if you prefer

Judy’s Apple Matzoh Kugel for Passover

Sweet Matzoh Pudding

Spinach Souffle for Passover–so very easy and it’s a vegetarian but it is Dairy so if you’re kosher this won’t work for you

Passover Cobbler

My Favorite Macaroons— Traditional Style for Passover

Julie’s Brownies for Passover

Chocolate Bark Surprise

Marcy’s Matzoh Crunch Candy-– super delicious and easy and very addictive– a most amazing dessert for Passover

Meringue Cookies

Ellen’s Passover Apple Cake

Matzoh Brei

Enjoy it all and I am looking forward to hearing from you and if you’d like post a story on Instagram and tag me — thanks in advance

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