Passover 2019

Passover is celebrated in commemoration of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. For eight days we do not partake of any leavening agent in our food. We read the Haggadah ( a narration of the Exodus) which is the central part of the first and second nights of Passover. Despite the dispersal of Jews throughout the world, we are united in the celebration of the 8 day festival, upholding family bond and family traditions over the traditional Seder meal. The central object of every Seder Table is the Seder Plate, arranged with the symbolic foods. There are no rules for menus for this meal , although many families like mine maintain specific traditions. My family has nostalgic customs for certain foods and everyone insists on having those beloved foods on the table. In our case it is more out of love for these particular dishes than any real religious significance. And since we only eat this way once a year I try to make as many of these special dishes as possible.

Since starting my blog I have tried to publish my most favorite recipes for the holidays . These recipes have become a tradition in my family . Along the way I have picked up some amazing new recipes that have now been incorporated into Cooking with Candi.

I have been posting these recipes since 2011 and I try and compile a list of all of these recipes every year. The list is here and if you enter that title or enter Passover into the search bar on my site the recipe should come up. If you’re having trouble you can google a recipe title or Passover along with Cooking with Candi and it should come up this way or send me an email in my comments section and I will get back to you. If you have any questions or comments I would like to hear from you as well.

These recipes have evolved over the years starting with my Great Grandmother and Grandmother. They are wonderful recipes and I hope you can make some of them part of your own family tradition and pass them down to your children and family.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting as many of these recipes as possible.

Remember to relax and enjoy the holidays and make some unforgettable memories for you and yours!

Happy Cooking!

Passover Recipes:

Homemade Chicken Soup with not so Homemade Matzoh Balls

Passover Popovers

Traditional Ashkenazi Charoset

Slow Cooked Brisket

Happy New Year Brisket–perfect for any holiday any time of the year

Un-Stuffed Cabbage –Probably one of my personal favorites in place of Sweet and Sour Meatballs and also frees up your oven because it is cooked on the stove-top

Grandma Regina’s Farfel–my Grandma Regina lives on in this recipe and it is always on our Seder Table–it’s a little difficult but totally delicious if you get it right

Honey Roasted Chicken

Chicken Marbella

Old School Meatballs

Apricot Honey-Mustard Chicken

Peach Farfel– a must

Bree’s Slow Cooked Skirt Steaks — this one I make in place of Brisket because everyone likes it better in my family –Obviously your family may prefer brisket and I personally love Brisket but I go with my family requests here and this is so super easy and frees up your oven.

Karyn’s Cranberry-Apple Crisp for Passover– a must have for every table you can even serve it as dessert!

Judy’s Apple Matzoh Kugel for Passover

Sweet Matzoh Pudding

Spinach Souffle for Passover–so very easy and it’s a Vegetarian but Dairy Dish

Passover Cobbler

My Favorite Macaroons–Traditional Style for Passover

Julie’s Brownies for Passover

Marcy’s Matzoh Crunch Candy–super delicious and easy and addictive–a most amazing dessert!

Meringue Cookies

Ellen’s Passover Apple Cake

Matzoh Brei

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  1. Passover means , first time I read this word?

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