Cauliflower Pizza

I have updated my Cauliflower Pizza since so many of you have expressed interest in it. Baking it in the rectangular pan is the way to go!

Cooking with Candi

this is how I am doing my crust now in a small rectangular pan!!!

finished product

This is one of my most favorite recipes ever. I almost always have the ingredients and all I have to do is pick up the riced cauliflower now that is sold almost everywhere.  This is a total game changer, you’ll still have to make sure the cauliflower is dry and that is a little time-consuming but worth the effort! The single most important thing about this recipe is getting the moisture out of the cauliflower  (see directions below)   It is so worth the effort. It is low in carbs, high in protein and really delicious. I think the crust alone would be great but with the sauce and cheese it really was like eating pizza but guilt free. I don’t really do the “diet” food thing but every once in a while something grabs…

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One response to “Cauliflower Pizza

  1. I love a cauliflower pizza!! It is delicious!

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