Cauliflower, Orzo and Feta Salad

Cooking with Candi

IMG_0858 Completed Salad

IMG_0854 Before I added the spinach

I just purchased Chrissy Teigen’s new cookbook “Cravings” and I was super impressed by the book and her recipes. I have to admit I follow her adventures in cooking and life on her Instagram account so when I saw the book was coming out I wanted to buy it. It has some amazingly delicious recipes in it and this one jumped out at me and begged to be made. It was totally delicious and I have made it numerous times now.  So thanks to Chrissy Teigen for this recipe and check out her cookbook,  it’s very worthwhile.

I made cauliflower and orzo in the morning and put together ingredients as they cooled down. The cooling off of orzo and cauliflower was the only time-consuming event in making this recipe. You can refrigerate salad once cooled down, but I would bring it to room temperature prior to serving.


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