Chicken Marsala – What I made last night

I am just going on record that this recipe is so delicious and so easy. I made it again last night and it is just so awesome. If you are looking for an easy, quick recipe this is it. Just follow directions, and I think in an hour it was all done. Served with a vegetable and rice , perfect. Great recipe for dinner party or dinner party of 2! see recipe on website. What I Cooked – Chicken Marsala, original post date was 01/13/2012. It’s so worth looking up and cooking. Let me know how you like it. Joel loves it.

2 responses to “Chicken Marsala – What I made last night

  1. Candi, Lovin your recipes, had a themed (trick or treat) dinner last week and did it all from your website. Meatloaf (ground beef), creamy mashed (added about an inch of caramelized lizard onions to the top), string beans and one of your fantastic salads, & all so easy. Thanks for making me look like a hero. Great stuff, keep em coming.

    Mike Bubis (Faye’s brother)


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