Slow Cooked Brisket–Super Easy

I made this brisket for the first time this past New Year’s Eve. It was so easy to prepare that I actually started cooking it the night before New Years and it cooked into the next day. The slow cooker is your friend and frees up your oven for everything else you’ll be cooking. I loved this recipe and I love Bree’s Slow Cooked Steaks in the slow cooker for holidays . Check out both recipes on my blog. Happy Holidays Everyone from our kitchen to yours. Enjoy! I also highly recommend an electric knife to slice the brisket like a pro! A definite worthwhile investment.

Cooking with Candi

I am always on the look-out for a brisket recipe and it seems like everyone is always asking me for a good brisket recipe. This past New Years my friends and I were making dinner and wanted something we could do quickly that wouldn’t require a lot of prepping etc. My friend Susan gave me this recipe for a slow cooker brisket and I actually put it in the slow cooker Tuesday night before New Years. We came home from dinner and I cut up the onions , seared the brisket and got it all together in about 1/2 hour and put it in the slow cooker by midnight! When I woke up in the morning the house smelled amazing and the brisket had cooked for a full 8 hours! I then took the whole insert with cover and refrigerated it till later that day when I would remove any…

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