Chicken , Rice and Peas in One Pot

I made this for the first time this past summer. It is a perfect meal for summer, winter , spring or fall. If you’re a fan of dark meat this one’s for you. Very tasty and you gotta love all in one pot cooking! Enjoy!

Cooking with Candi

photo 5 (50)photophoto 3 (68)photo 3 (69)photo 1 (84)photo 1 (82)I made this for dinner last night and was so very pleased with the outcome. It was so very easy and so very easy to clean up. I love one-pot meals and so will you. Even though it’s grilling season , I had seen this recipe in Jessica Seinfeld’s “The Can’t Cookbook” and felt compelled to make it.  I love this book and it works for those of us who can cook and I am sure it is a great book for those who can’t.  This was a little bit of prep and then I set the timer and walked away. Love. I made a few changes and if you’d like you can view her “original”  recipe through the link on my blog. Thanks again to Jessica Seinfeld for the great tips and great recipes. This one is a winner. I used thighs and they’re our personal favorite. The chicken was moist…

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