Veggie Soup with Rotisserie Chicken – Perfect Winter Soup

Re-blog Monday and soup-season is full on and this one is a meal in itself. For those of you who missed it it’s a delicious nutritious soup to make during these winter months. Perfect for dinner using a rotisserie chicken that you can buy from your favorite supermarket. A lot of good healthy ingredients here. If you don’t have the pesto you can also pick that up in the supermarket. Yum and so very good for you. Cooks up like a combo stew/soup or stoup. Enjoy!

Cooking with Candi

Winter '13 colorado 002Winter '13 colorado 003Winter '13 colorado 006This is a soup, and a little like a stew, and I think Rachael Ray calls it a stoup, because it’s a little bit stew and a little bit soup. I combined a lot of different recipes for this one, and used a lot of ingredients from the pantry as well. I served with a toasted baguette with goat cheese. A perfect ending to a very cold winter’s day. And did I say filling? it is a meal in itself. There are like a million ingredients, but it really did make this soup wonderful. I enjoyed the prep, it’s very therapeutic. Also I find it is very very important to read through a whole recipe before starting to cook, because you don’t want any surprises 1/2 way through and I always set out all of my ingredients before I start cooking, don’t want to be running around looking for an…

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