Tomato Feta Salad

Got tomatoes??? love feta?? this is a delicious light Greek style salad that is enhanced by using Zahtar which is a dry blend of different spices. It should be available in most specialty type of markets. Go buy some fresh local tomatoes that are all over the place right now. Enjoy the last few weeks of August.

Cooking with Candi

I call this “summer salad” but it’s really a wonderful salad any time of year. I love the salty taste of feta with tomatoes, and a wonderful combination of Middle Eastern spices called Zahtar .DSCN3272

Try and find this wonderful blend of spices–it will add wonderful flavor to a very simple meal. I like this salad with avocado because I like everything with avocado. It’s optional, as are the olives. This is a beautiful salad served all year but there is something about it that shouts summer, BBQ, and warm nights. The tomatoes are so beautiful right now, especially the heirlooms in all those beautiful colors go and grab some from your local farmers market or road stand. Excuse the picture, it’s fuzzy but you get the picture. It’s a greek salad without the lettuce. A perfect side dish salad to go with any meal. Beautiful with a piece of grilled…

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