Kale and Pasta Perfection

Perfect Pasta recipe with Kale — perfect vegetarian pasta . Perfect served all year round for all you Kale lovers out there. This is a simply delicious past and has all the goodness and health benefits of kale.

Cooking with Candi

photo 4 (40)photo 2 (43)photo 3photo 5 (34)photo 1 (56)photo 1 (55)photo 3 (44)Our daughter Kerri is out visiting in Colorado and it’s a great opportunity not only to ski with her and enjoy our time together but to cook vegetarian style for her. I have been saving this one for her because we all know what a waste this would be for just Joel. I made Joel a separate Bowties Pasta with Turkey Sausage, Peas and Mushrooms which if you have never made you really must check out, it’s on my blog under that title originally posted on July ’11. (see in photo)   I used a Fusilli type short pasta which was perfect. This dish really was so super easy to put together and it will now become one of my go-to pasta dishes for sure. I was also able to buy the Kale from Whole Foods chopped and cleaned already, which only made the prep that much easier . I would say total prep…

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