Monday morning re-blog , original post June ’11. One of my most favorite “comfort” foods for sure. I always call this the “Engagement Bolognese Sauce” read the blog and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Meat Lovers only though, sorry this one is a carnivore’s delight. Original inspiration from Mario Batali, and I have to say this is one of the best Bolognese Sauces out there. Enjoy!

Cooking with Candi

Forget engagement chicken. This is the dish to make if you’re really interested in getting engaged!  I know there is a whole lotta hoopla out there about making a roast chicken and getting an engagment ring out of the meal but I will tell you that this should really be called “The Engagement Bolognese Sauce” because it is that good; and everyone who eats it falls in love with it. Well…almost. You just have to be a meat lover and a pasta lover. Then, surely, this will work. Try it and let me know. What have you got to lose? This is my perfect Sunday night dinner. It’s pure comfort food. So, even if you’re not looking to get engaged, are already married, or just want a wonderful meat sauce to make…Serve with a green salad with my vinaigrette dressing, a nice crusty bread and you’re set. You can always make my chocolate…

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  1. Jessica Weissman

    Dinner for tonight!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Sent from my iPhone

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