Spicy Goan Shrimp- Never too old to learn something new continues

Re-blog Monday. One of my most favorite recipes for shrimp came out of a cooking class I took with Karen Lee on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. Great dish and not difficult to make at all. Beautiful presentation packed with delicious flavor. If you’re up for something new and missed this last May when it was originally posted here’s your chance. Enjoy! and thanks again Karen.

Cooking with Candi

Karen Lee in her kitchen with Goan Shrimp Karen Lee in her kitchen with Goan Shrimp

DSCN0096DSCN0097DSCN0099DSCN0101I love taking cooking classes and while I’m back in New York I always try to get over to Karen Lee’s cooking class. Karen is so knowledgable, warm and friendly. Her kitchen on the Upper West Side of Manhattan is her home and all you can do is try and absorb as much as possible. At our last class we cooked many things and this was one of my favorites of the day. It’s hard to choose a favorite but this one definitely hit a chord with me. I couldn’t wait to make it for Joel because I knew he would love it. This shrimp dish is Goan cuisine , which consists of regional foods popular from Goa, located along the SW coast in India on the Arabian Sea.  You can control the spice, but just the way the recipe is written was perfect for us. Take a look at Karen’s blog and she…

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