Banana “Ice Cream” not really – Vegan and Non-Dairy

Re-blog Monday with a fresh new take on a dairy free, sugar free dessert. Originally posted May ’13 from Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook. This is delicious, smooth and creamy like ice cream with no dairy and no sugar, all of the sugar comes from the bananas. Something new to make for dessert. Enjoy!

Cooking with Candi

DSCN0173 DSCN0181 DSCN0175 DSCN0182 DSCN0184 Now you all know how very much I love bananas and I also love nuts. My favorite snack is unsalted roasted almonds. I always eat them after the gym and just love to have a handful as a snack. When I first saw this recipe in Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook, “It’s All Good” I was struck by how wonderful this would be for all the vegan non-dairy eaters out there. So it’s not really ice cream but will satisfy that craving for something smooth , sweet and crunchy. A little salty and a little sweet. I decided to give it a whirl and it’s a keeper for sure. This one’s for you Chloe, hope you enjoy it. There is no refined sugar in this and it tastes delicious, just the right amount of sweet but you gotta love bananas. Of course you can omit the nuts. Sugar free and Dairy…

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