Orzo with Lemon Shrimp and Spinach

Here is a re-blog from July ’13. This is a delicious and light recipe using shrimp, lemons and spinach. If you like you can substitute arugula for spinach. Bring a little sunshine into your kitchen with this recipe during the cold winter. Delicious vinaigrette recipe included here is good for other uses as well. Enjoy!

Cooking with Candi

photo DSCN0367 DSCN0363 DSCN0372 DSCN0384 DSCN0390 By now you all know how very much we love shrimp. It comes in handy to have an ex-shrimp monger on hand to clean and devein my shrimp. I love cooking it but not so much cleaning and deveining it. Joel not only obtains the best shrimp around but he really does do a great job of cleaning and deveining. ( I think it’s in his DNA) In any event we make a pretty good team when it comes to shrimp dishes.
So now on to this delicious dish. I didn’t feel like grilling and this dish was calling out to me. I saw Giada de Laurentiis make a shrimp scampi on her show and she made it with arugula , it looked so awesome and light I figured I’d do it my way and make it with spinach even though I knew Joel wouldn’t eat the spinach. Our friend Drew was over…

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