Minestrone Soup

Re-blog Monday and here is a recipe from Feb. ’12. Minestrone Soup or Big Soup . After all that heavy Superbowl fare here is a delicious hearty soup enough for a meal with a crusty piece of bread to soak up all the goodness. Enjoy! Make it in the slow cooker or on the stove top, whichever you prefer.

Cooking with Candi

The definition of minestrone is “big soup.” It is a hearty vegetable soup and how it’s made varies from region to region in Italy. It varies mainly because of the availability of vegetables from each region. This is my favorite combination, but really any vegetable can be added. I actually made it in the slow cooker the other day just to see how it would come out. I find that it’s best to saute the onions and garlic first, so it really doesn’t matter which pot you’re going to make it in. The pot on the stove needs to be watched, and either way, you will be using 2 pots. I did the saute on the stove top and then I put it all in the slow cooker on low for 6 hours. I also added ditalini, which I cooked and then added right before serving so it was al dente and not over cooked. I will explain the steps in the…

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