Michele’s White Chocolate Macadamia Jumbos -winner of CWC contest!!!!!

Re-blog Monday here again and I am re-printing a most wonderful holiday cookie recipe. Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah anytime really. I ran a contest last November and Michele was the winner! This is so worthy of a re-blog, put this one in your recipe file . Happy Cooking and Happy Holidays!

Cooking with Candi

Michele sent me this as her entry for my CWC Thanksgiving Contest. Wow! they are amazing and before I keep eating them they are going in the freezer for Thanksgiving. Michele always makes these for her fabulous Christmas party. They will keep in the freezer for up to 3 months, so the plan is to make ahead for Thanksgiving, because these have to be on my table.  I didn’t get dried cherries, but I had craisins so I used them. They cooked up in 17 minutes at 325 degrees and were just beautiful. I am happy that I went to the gym this morning that’s all I can say. Thanks Michele for participating and for your support of my blog :). These are going on my Thanksgiving dessert table without a doubt.  These are decadent, but if you’re eating a cookie shouldn’t it be? These were so amazing that everyone who ate them fell in love with…

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