The Ultimate Comfort Food: Mac and Cheese

Re-blog Monday and I am re-posting a recipe for Macaroni and Cheese (October 2011) that may make it to my Thanksgiving table this year. I like to have a pasta dish which is vegetarian on my menu. I usually make butternut squash lasagna but think this year I will replace it with this delightful dish. This is real Mac and Cheese and so worth it! Creamy and Soothing and everyone loves it. Whether for Thanksgiving or just dinner this one is a keeper. Enjoy!

Cooking with Candi



When I think of the ultimate in comfort foods, Mac and Cheese always comes to mind. Now that there is a slight chill in the air we’re ready for this recipe. I have made it for big crowds, and just the two of us. Not the neon orange kind from the box (although when I make it for my grandkids it’s really not all that bad) but the creamy homemade oh so soothing one. I love the creaminess and the richness. You can’t really eat too much of it because of the richness. I just love the crunchy burnt pieces on top, and the smooth texture underneath. I also love it cold from the fridge, which can be a very dangerous thing to have around. So invite a bunch of people over (this recipe is perfect for Sunday get-togethers) and it will disappear. You’ll have just enough left…

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One response to “The Ultimate Comfort Food: Mac and Cheese

  1. This recipe is absolutely delicious. My 17 year old daughter loves the box mac and cheese and before their school break she had asked if we could make “real” mac and cheese. I had received your recipe and thought we’d give it a try. The whole family LOVED it! We’ll be saving this one for special occasions though, since it is so decadent.

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