Chicken with Mushrooms

Monday morning re-blog here and I made this for Sunday Night dinner last night. It is made in one pot on stove and oven, my trusty Le Creuset pot. I actually used fresh thyme and highly recommend trying to use it, dry is fine but the fresh was really tasty. I won’t lie this recipe takes a bit of prep but totally worth it. Obviously there are a lot of ingredients you may not have as staples in your house so read through the recipe carefully. You’ll need sherry and white wine ( I used Pinot Grigio) and it was nice to drink what was left in the bottle with the meal! Enjoy and everyone will love it and be very impressed with you. I served with brown basmati rice and roasted cauliflower last night.

Cooking with Candi

Fall NY 2012 031Fall NY 2012 032Fall NY 2012 036Fall NY 2012 041Just going to say that we just finished this meal and I was so impressed with myself that I cooked it! It was amazingly delicious, thanks to Ina Garten’s new cookbook “Foolproof” , this chicken and mushroom dish was 5 star for sure. I only used 1 chicken but followed directions as if I was cooking 2, so I obviously had a lot of sauce left over. I served over rice pilaf and it would be awesome with a green vegetable but I never did get to pick anything up so we just had the chicken and rice  . Perfect over rice , couscous or orzo, because the sauce is so so yummy.  I don’t know about you but I am always on the search for new ways to cook chicken. This is a winner and not crazy difficult, while there are some moving parts you’ll want to pay attention while you cook.  You can…

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