Shelly’s Pumpkin Ginger Muffins – I love Pumpkin

Crisp air , gorgeous colors and delicious flavors of Fall. One of my most favorite ingredients for the Fall season is pumpkin, I can’t seem to get enough of it. I highly recommend Shelly’s pumpkin muffins if you’d like to get into the mood for Fall. Yum.

Cooking with Candi

My friend Shelly who is an excellent cook and baker gave this recipe to me back in 2012.  I wanted to try them because I love all things Pumpkin and ’tis the season. I was leaving Colorado for the season and  planned on freezing these delicious beauties so they would be here when we return. Shelly said that she freezes them, then takes them out for breakfast individually by putting the frozen muffin in the microwave  or toaster oven. A little butter and jam don’t hurt either. The list of ingredients may seem daunting. I had to shop for a few of the items, but don’t let this stop you because these are fairly healthy and a perfect brunch/breakfast item, or good for just mid-afternoon tea. They contain fiber and aren’t cloyingly sweet. I love ginger and I love pumpkin. If you don’t like the ginger spice you can cut down or eliminate the crystallized ginger…

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